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From Terror to Glory – Author Susan Knauff

Susan recounts the personal testimony of how her family encountered spirits in an over 100 year old home and how in one night Jesus Christ set them totally free.

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Changing Directions Series

Mark and Susan Knauff have developed an extensive teaching series that helps the reader understand what opens the door to demonic curses and how to close those doors with a relationship with Jesus Christ. The series addresses curses, sickness, mental problems, addictions and spiritual housecleaning.

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Redeem the Land Kit

Step by step instructions and materials needed to bless and Redeem your land in the Name of Jesus Christ.  Specifically designed by Susan Knauff using the same Biblical principals that worked for her home and family.

Suggested Donation:  $15.00


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True Blessings In the News

Click the link to read an article about Susan Knauff in the Examiner in Columbus, Ohio.  Susan recently ministered at the Marysville, Ohio Aglow Meeting and as a result was interview for the following article.  Susan taught on deliverance and instructed others on how to close the door to the curses of the enemy.