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     True Blessings is a non-profit Christian ministry that helps by delivering truth and answers to others who find themselves in the middle of spiritual situations and attacks.  Mark and Susan Knauff, of True Blessings, have experienced the same things that you are experiencing. At one time in their lives, Susan struggled with fear and anxiety and depression and Mark stuggled with alcoholism. After moving into an over 100 year old home they began to experience paranormal events that frightened the whole family.  As the events in their home increased they became a target of an unseen demonic force and found themselves fighting for their own lives as well as the lives of their children. Through an amazing journey, they found the answers and in one night their entire household and family were set completely free.  After living in fear and torment for over 8 years, they fought their way through the battle and found solid effective answers on blessing their home and cleansing it of all evil.  Today they live in the same home and 12 years later it remains free and a place of peace and love and joy. Mark and Susan found their way out of the darkness and know that they are called to help others who are experiencing what they have experienced.  They provide teaching materials and are trained extensively in deliverance and have helped many find deliverance and redemption through Jesus Christ. There is hope and you can take back your home and lives and land and live in peace again!


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Click the link to read an article about Susan Knauff in the Examiner in Columbus, Ohio.  Susan recently ministered at the Marysville, Ohio Aglow Meeting and as a result was interview for the following article.  Susan taught on deliverance and instructed others on how to close the door to the curses of the enemy.