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Ministers Mark and Susan Knauff have extensive years of ministry training and background and have served faithfully within the body of Christ, dedicating their time to the ministry of others. Having an incredible personal testimony themselves that is contained in their book From Terror to Glory, they know first hand what it is like to be under torment and oppression from the enemy and to then find freedom through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. They have had training in deliverance ministry, prophetic and worship ministry, as well as leadership roles within the body of Christ and in serving they have helped to establish other ministries. Mark and Susan have taught many teens using their series Changing Directions and have helped them to fully understand the traps and snares of the enemy as well as how to change the course of lives by surrendering to the will of the Holy Spirit.  Many adults and households have received deliverance and freedom as they have simply gone to teach and instruct and impart to others what the power of God has made available to all who believe in Him.

Working closely with ministers, pastors, and five-fold leaders, they travel through out the United States ministering to those in need.  Susan operates in the prophetic and the Holy Spirit has used her to speak into the lives of many as well as prophetic song.  Mark is a prophetic warfare drummer and has drummed before many, imparting the sound of heavenly hosts declaring God’s victory.  Miracles, signs and wonders have followed their ministry as they have witnessed souls saved, oppression and sickness flee as miracles from the Father occur.

Mark and Susan host various conferences locally and nationwide, traveling as a couple or bringing in a full five-fold ministry team to a region while working closely with pastors and established ministries to see God’s will be done for the land and the people.  They have at times been led by God to pray blessing over homes, properties, cities and waterways and have witnessed break through over entire regions as they have prayed for spiritual eyes and ears to open to the knowledge that Jesus Christ is Lord.

Mark and Susan are directors of True Blessings Ministries. They welcome opportunities to go and serve and consider it an honor and a privilege.  If you would like to invite them to your ministry or simply need prayer or advice please email them at the link provided.  God bless you!

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